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This Podcast is all about supporting and empowering women who are already on -  or are thinking of - embarking on their own business journey or pursuit to create another source of income, by creating a safe place where women can be vulnerable, honest and tune in to be educated and supported to learn about the ins and out of business, the highs and the lows, and feel comfortable to talk about finances and multiple streams of income (along with all the lingo that comes with it that often intimidates women and prevents them from approaching these subjects altogether). Thats why we are so excited and love having real and raw conversations with fellow entrepreneurs - chatting about their passions, current projects, what they did before it all and what their journey looked like to get there.

Like we said earlier, our vision for this podcast is to to create a vulnerable and transparent space where entrepreneurs share the work, choices, lessons, habits, tools and triumphs that goes on behind the scenes so listeners who are already on their entrepreneur journey (whatever that may look like) can relate and know they are not alone, and those who are thinking of embarking on their own business journey are being educated and getting raw and real insight to what the journey looks like for different people - so we can support others from learning from our mistakes and raise up women to feel confident and competent in understanding, talking, creating and managing finances and business.


We would love to hear about the road you’ve travelled to get to where you are today, and what wisdom, love, light and even laughs you can share with our fellow entrepreneurs tuning in power and encourage them to build their own successful business, and also teach them how to build confidence in themselves, reconnect with their why, let go of jealousy and ultimately learn the power in connection, because at the end of the day that is what life and business is all about.

Authenticity and openness are the cornerstones of our VLOGCAST and we would love to have you share insights and wisdom gained that can help another entrepreneurs move closer to their own vision, whether that be because of increased confidence, clarity, and self-belief or through education, specific skills, strategies and tactics.

So if you have an inspiring personal or business story to tell or are a passionate expert in your own field with valuable insights to share with our ‘Babes talking Business' audience, we would love to hear from you.

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