Tune in to meet Karina Irby! Not only a real life mermaid but the Owner and Designer of the International Swimwear line Moana Bikini! What started off as an innocent love affair with cheekier-cut bikini’s in 2012, has transpired into a million dollar business, an army of raving Moana babes, and a brand where women around the world are empowered to feel beautiful in their own skin (eczema, cellulite and all) as well as being educated about health with Karina releasing her own work out “BIKINI BODY BURN” and nutrition guide “EAT”.  This self taught powerhouse gets real and raw on how she built her business from scratch without borrowing any money from the banks, the behind the scenes of her business startup, a day in the life of, how she deals with negativity and also her thoughts on cellulite and photo editing. She's hilarious, she's a leader in her industry and you are going to love getting to know her better.

website: https://moanabikini.com
instagram: Instagram.com/moana_bikini
facebook: facebook.com/moanabikini


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