Episode 14: Jacqui Anderson

Join us for episode 14 where we chat to the beautiful Jacqui Anderson owner of the Mermaid Beach LTYB, an incredible gym that is extremely different to any other traditional personal fitness gym. Jacqui is just one of those special people who stands out from the rest, not only this though - the business she’s created from her gym is next level and nothing like we’ve ever experienced before. She’s an incredibly driven, hard working and an insanely all round nice human who has created something so magical within her gym and thats precisely why we’re excited to share her story with you guys this week. Admitting that the gym and fitness business world is a tough market to crack, in this episode she talks about how shes not only created the insanely successful gym she has today, but also how she’s cracked the gym world and what she does to stick out from the rest. No matter what type of business you’re in or looking into, you will 100% get some awesome insight into Jacq’s world and understand why we’re so obsessed with training in her gym, being apart of her community and excited to share her success with you so you can implement her knowledge bombs to your business to.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ltybmermaid

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