Episode 24: Georgie Stevenson

Georgie Stevenson is a 24 year old entrepreneur who’s a passionate health and fitness content creator, podcast host and co-business owner of The Naked Harvest Supplements. Ambitious in her pursuits to teach women how to live a healthy lifestyle, Georgie preaches her "health without obsession" message wherever she goes, and this message filters down into all aspects of her personal brand and thriving business. With a community of over 280 thousand Instagram followers and over 250 thousand downloads on The Rise and Conquer Podcast, Georgie's mission is to lead women into a healthy, happy life free of restriction & dieting. Instead, Georgie encourages women to step into their power, foster healthy relationships with food and their body, and lead a lifestyle they have always dreamt of living. Today we chat about all things business start up, how she left her successful corporate career as a lawyer to pursue her dreams, building business on social media, mindset hacks & her thoughts on selling a product to consumers and how you too can do this successfully without the barriers or roadblocks that can sometimes arise for business owners.

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