Episode 25: Sophie Ballantyne Babes in Business National Marketing Director

On this episode we have our beautiful friend Sophie Ballantyne who we have the pleasure of working with apart of Babes In Business. Sophie is a Registered Nurse turned certified holistic health coach who fell in love with preventative + holistic health, with manifestation, and wanting to create a life she loved to live, all whilst making an impact in alignment with her values. Soph joined the BIB team 2 years ago and in that time has not only created an incredibly thriving and soul centred business where she helps thousands of women every day, but she’s also recently reached the pinnacle position of our company and is one of our National Marketing Directors who’s built an incredible team both in Australia and internationally. Feeling uninspired, unfulfilled + exhausted working as a Nurse, Sophie joined Babes in Business in January 2017 with the hopes of working for herself, but not by herself, with the beautiful Babes in Biz tribe of uplifting + supporting women alongside her.

Over this past 2.5 years with ups, downs, challenges + everything in between - Sophie has been able to leave her nursing job, start travelling the world, + working towards the dream of becoming a full time mermaid. She is fiercely passionate about not only empowering women to take charge of their health on a holistic level, but also help them realise that they can be, do, and have anything they desire + to not settle for anything less. In Sophs episode we talk about so many incredible golden nuggets such as the hardship along her journey to success and what it actually looks like getting to the top, she gives us incredible advice on how to manage situations you cant control, we talk about gracious leadership and what that looks like, embracing the duality - the ring and yang - in business, and we ask her if the hardship is really worth it.

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