Episode 28: Anna Richards

Welcome to episode 28 of the BTB podcast. Todays episode will have you fired up and excited to chase your dreams with total boss babe Anna Richards on the show sharing her golden nuggets and knowledge bombs. Anna is a network marketing professional, who has been in the industry for 6 years. Prior to NWM, she had spent 4 years in Federal Politics, working for a Federal Member of Parliament.

She was always looking for ‘another way’ however and at age 25 she quit her career after she had found another way - network marketing. Within her first 3 months of saying Yes to her company, she ranked advanced herself to the top leadership level. At the 6 month mark, she rank advanced herself to a 6 figure a year residual income, and by the 12 month mark was earning a multiple six figure a year income (which she has earned ever since) and at month 16 she was also able to bring her husband Morgan home from his full time career. Fast forward 5 years, and she has cumulatively earnt over $1 Million U.S, which she has built predominantly through social media, has been awarded almost every award her company can offer, has spoken on stages all around the world and has grown a team to over 20,000 strong.

Today we chat about so much, in particular redefining the industry and raising its standards. Even though Anna is in a totally different company to us, we want to show you that its always been about collaboration over competition and that we are so insanely passionate about impacting as many lives as possible with our industry, knowing this is the most genius business model on the planet.

We dive into topics like
- How you can create unbelievable financial security in your life with this business model, doing something you already innately do every single day, and doing it authentically.
- What to do when your parter doesn’t support you
- Creating hobby income or business income , and deciding what you want from this profession and the mindset needed to own that space
- Annas secret to how she’s crushed her busienss & built wealth fast and broke all her company records
- + so much more

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Anna’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annab3lle



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